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Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Sling for your Baby

I’m a mother. It is really hard to be one especially in doing things. You cannot do what you want to do coz you have baby to carry. Thanks god I found this HugaMonkey site that makes and sales affordable baby slings. Yes they do. They have Radical sling design: No slipping, no rings, no folding, no fuss; High quality and fantastic price!
I love the baby sling I bought. The sling is great - it cradles my baby right next to me where she loves to snuggle and allows me to keep my hands free to do laundry, do cooking, do dishes, whatever I want to do! She is much more comfortable in this kind of product.
This was actually the second hugamonkey I received. The first one was too large and had to be returned, but the Customer Service was great! My new sling arrived within one week of the return of the first - very speedy! Great product, great company! Thanks!
For all mommies if you need baby sling, hugamonkey is good for you. Visit there site now!

Yippy Skippy

Getting into a running habit requires a little bit of patience. It takes time to build up the kind of endurance required for a 30-minute run, and if you're like us, it can be really tempting to throw in the towel the minute we start feeling winded. Don't quit! Skip!
"Whenever you get the urge to stop and walk, try skipping instead. Skip for a minute or two and either return to running or walk for a few minutes if you still feel the need for break. Skipping will keep your heart rate elevated, and you'll burn more calories than you would if you were walking. Plus, it's a fun way to mix up your workout so you don't get bored. Do be prepared for some funny looks. But ignore them, because skipping is fun."

Takemi Select 3D Jade Melody 12000

The Takemi Select 3D Jade Melody 12000 Comfort Masseuse is equipped with a set of intelligent, four-wheel driven massage mechanism which can move upward and downward with muted voice design for an all new 3D Comfort Masseuse experience!

It is compose of the following:
12 Massaging Motors Strategically Placed throughout Lounger 3D Padding In Lounger Provide a emulates real massager methods: tapping, kneading, pressing, air pressure massage, vibration, and combination massages Special automatic massage functions for the total body! Manual programming for overall, partial, and pin-pointed massages!
38 air bags are equipped inside and provide massage functions to the lower body. For the lower body, there are three modes and two intensity options. Their Jade heater's temperature can be adjusted between 107°F and 158°F Designed with vibration massage functions (there are three strength options for each of the back, buttocks and feet) Music function: play, stop, previous one, next one and volume adjustment function on the controller. Automatic chair-restoration function when pressing the power button. Equipped with seven-color LED, MP3 player, earphone and mini tea table.
With Jade Heat, the 3D Jade Melody 12000 acts as a powerful transformer, changing light from technologically advanced helium projector bulbs into a special wavelength of light called Far Infrared. This Handheld Far Infrared light delivers an unprecedented deep-tissue body penetration of several inches. The 3D Jade Melody 12000 can reach the major organs and deep muscle tissue more effectively (Light Speed) and safer than any other form of heat and light. This amazing light absorption level provides detoxification, moxibustion, and soothing relief all over the body from ailments. Takemi Select Wholesale Outlets massage beds and chairs are among the most successful line of massage products in the United States today.

Maximize Your Mini-Meal

Healthy eating should not feel limiting—and that includes your snacks. There are countless ways to make your mini meals more appetizing, more nutritious and more in line with slipping into that slinky little black dress. For starters, try a few of these:
  • Dress up popcorn with cinnamon, which is proven to reduce sugar cravings by regulating blood-sugar levels.
  • Pair a protein or a healthy fat, such as string cheese, hummus, yogurt or nuts, with a selection of crudites to ensure staying power.
  • Give premade soups a boost by tossing in chopped veggies.

Save Your Vision

Some of us experience vision problems especially if were getting older. My mother in law had this kind of problem. She is a diabetic that’s why her vision of sight is affected. She does undergo surgical treatments and after the procedure, she experience pain. After searching for better treatment she found this LASIK and after reading the LASIK information, she was overwhelmed because she did not know that there is a procedure to correct vision problems that is not invasive.
The Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA have been encouraging their personnel to undergo iLasik procedure to correct their vision. And 95% of the U.S militaries achieved a 20/20 vision. “LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness” said the retired U.S Navy captain.

LASIK technology is a great invention. It corrects vision by reshaping the cornea and creating a corneal flap to correct the vision. Before the procedure, you must be evaluated by your doctor if you are can be a candidate in the procedure but most of the healthy adults are qualified. iLasik uses a 3-D map of each eye called customized Wave Scan map. This will serve as road map for your iLasik procedure. It is painless because it uses two cool lasers to correct vision. That is why it is not painful. After the procedure, you are advised to wear sunglasses to protect your eye. The entire procedure is totally completed after 20 minutes only.

Diet to Avoid

Easy does it! Weight loss takes time and patience, and while it's tempting to join in the latest get-slim-quick fad diet, it's far better to take an educated, practical approach. "Just because a diet makes headlines or a celebrity has success with it does not make it a healthy diet. Fad diet disasters may promote quick weight loss, but they will also cause even quicker weight gain—or put your health in serious jeopardy. A good rule to follow is to steer clear of any diet or eating plan that requires you to:

Shun an entire food group.
Eat less than 1,200 calories.
Restrict your ability to find substitutes or selections outside the framework of the diet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy Soccer Mom

I was just surfing in internet and I accidentally found this site that is really exciting. So, I signed up for freshfunds which is really a program that rewards you for eating healthy! When you buy Chiquita fruits and veggies or Fresh Express salads you may see a sticker on the product that shows how many Fresh Funds points you can receive. All you need to do is just log into the site, click on my fresh funds, and then click on the points. It is so easy! My family eats a lot of fruits and veggies so hopefully I can earn a lot of rewards to win a great prize just like a Kitchenaid mixer or ipod! Prizes are won by bidding with the points you earn, kind the like ebay. Points can also be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Fresh Funds features these cute and corny episodes featuring The Sproutwells. Mrs. Sproutwell is kind of a crazy soccer mom. I have only one kid that is too young to make me a soccer mom; rather I am a soccer wife! Soccer game is a favorite past time of my husband. Usually every Sunday, our family used to have a picnic in the soccer field. It was fun especially seeing my little angel that she’s having fun also and says “yehey…go, go Daddy!” Isn’t that great? She’s having a good time and of course I’m crazy chasing her also all around on the field.
Below is the latest Sproutwells episode:



It's taking everything we've got not to make a joke about "nice melons," but, cross our hearts, the honeydew is one of our absolute favorites. Naturally fat-free, low in sodium and high in vitamin C, honeydew melons are mild, sweet and perfectly velvety in texture. In short, they're scrumptious. To get the most from your melons, keep these tips in mind:
Choose honeydew with a creamy white to yellow rind. Overripe honeydew can be bitter.Wash before cutting—melon rinds can hide bacteria. Ripen your honeydew at home by keeping it at room temperature or warmer for a day or two.
Serve it raw in a salad, have a slice for breakfast or blend it up in a smoothie.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lingerie For You!

Are you looking for Lingerie? If you do, then you should visit Designer Lingerie website called Boudiche. Here, you will find designer lingerie that is exquisite and pretty with Balcony styles, and delicate straps. If you are a D+ cup size to a GG cup size, and anywhere in between, then you know how difficult it can be to find lingerie that will fit your size. But at Boudiche they have designer underwear, bras and even swimwear that is pretty and feminine, and up to a GG cup size.


Freya is a company that makes Fayreform. Fayreform Lingerie caters to larger cup women who have been craving for colorful, fashionable designer lingerie. Freya Lingerie designs are chic, romantic, and are exclusively for D-cups and above. Fayreform lingerie is now one of Boudiche's best selling larger cup size brands in the boutique.

Looking also for a gift for special someone in your life, Boudiche is the best place to visit. Or if you want to treat yourself to some designer underwear or bras, this site is perfect for you. It would also be great for buying bridal lingerie. So, if you are getting married or know someone who is, then this designer lingerie would be great for that.
What are you waiting for? Buy some designer lingerie today!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Easy Swaps for Better Baking

I love baking. It is one of my hobbies and feeding your sweet tooth while keeping a watchful eye on your waistline might not be as hard as you think. Some of your favorite fresh-from-the-oven recipes can be made a whole lot less of a diet threat with just a few simple swaps. Try:
Splenda (instead of sugar) has all of the sweet, but zero of the calories in sugar.
Applesauce (instead of butter) keeps your cookies and brownies moist, but without all that fat! Look for "no sugar added" varieties for even lower-cal treats.
Egg Beaters (instead of whole eggs) are low in calories, fat-free and cholesterol-free—they're a baking substitute that can't be beat.

You Complete Me

You know the singer named Bastiaan Ragas? He is member in caught in the act and I like his version of “You Complete Me!” song and I know for sure how this song leads to a romantic time for romantic couples out there. Flirting is an exciting way to do. Other believes that actions speak louder than words but come to think of it, it would be nice to play it along with romantic lines as well. Isn’t it challenging? I’m sure it does!
If you are interested, you can play the “Ultimate Flirting Championship” by Extreme Style by VO5 found below, and challenge yourself with your playful style in flirting. You can put this widget below to your blog so your friends can play also. Find out who the better player is and who is not. Prove to them that you’re a Victory Hair title holder as well.

For more widgets please visit

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

Take a Hike

With autumn just around the corner and temperatures finally returning to reasonable, you might consider getting out, stretching your legs and spending some quality time with Mother Nature. Yeah, I am telling you to take a hike! Hiking—a combination of walking, climbing, weight training and aerobics—is like working out in your own natural health club. Not only will you get a great cardio workout (the average 140-pound woman burns 381 calories an hour hiking!), you'll also probably let go of some stress. So grab your bug repellent, a buddy (safety first!) and hit the woods!