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Friday, May 11, 2012

SG Backup

My husband is a real state appraiser. He had a lot of important files storing on his computer. One time, I don’t know what he does but all the data in his computer was lost. Good thing, he had an external back up of the files. But what if he doesn’t, it would definitely make his life miserable.
Now, Secure Online Computer Data Backup service is a secure backup solution to help you backing up your data on your computers in the household automatically at an off-site location. For only $30, you can have it. Just click the button below.

SG Identity

Nowadays, most of us own a computer and usually used it in everyday living. Even paying our bills, we can transact it through internet. But we all know that even in internet there are a lot of crimes going on. Scammers and hackers are everywhere. Identities are being stolen on time to time. Companies are willing to spend for a service which can fully managed identity theft restoration and ID monitoring to protect the data integrity. If your company required such services, you can check out SG Identity which you can get 50% off from their normal retail price of $60. It is a good deal. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!!! Please click the button below.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Receive up to $50 of personalized Pexagon Technology products for $25!

This Seasons Biggest Blow-out Sale! 74% off Australian Style Winter Boots

Everybody needs boots especially on cold rainy days. For me, it helps me a lot coz I always have a cold feet and by wearing boots it keeps my feet warm. Now, winter is over that means you can buy boots on a cheaper price. It gives me a chance to get a great deal and pick up some of the winter season favorite boots.  Boots that really never go out of style so this is a great sale for us!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rio Experience

The day started with me waking up in the bright side of the bed, when I got off the bed I saw my little Ashley already smiling at me and all excited saying, “We’re going to watch movie!”

And sure it was, we decided to get an early movie because it wasn’t only cheap, there are also only a few people who are in the movie theater and really makes it peaceful (nothing beats that!).

Ashley then excitedly puts in her 3D glasses, which is for the adults (she looked funny with the big glasses), so I told her to change it with the small ones for the children. The movie started out with colorful paradise birds that are singing to a lively beat. All throughout the movie, my daughter was just smiling and laughing all the time while munching a medium bag of popcorn all by herself.

There were a lot of funny scenes, and funny lines which really made the movie entertaining. It also raises the awareness of people about endangered species who are traded by smugglers for tons of money, without thinking about the effect of their actions to the environment. There is also always a share of love story, which added some spark in the movie, and it shows how vigorous the Brazilian culture is.

As expected with every children’s movie, this one has a happy ending. And as we went home, we were still smiling from the movie, so overall it was a good movie for kids and for those who are kids at heart.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

The weekend was approaching and it’s been a while since I had gone out to watch a movie. My hubby and I decided to have grandma baby set Ashley so we could go out and see scary movie in a theater. We asked grandma if it’s okay on her to watch Ashley but to our surprise Ashley was standing nearby and wanted to go with us. We said no, she had to stay home because we wanted to watch a scary movie but she loves watching it at the house, so there’s no way we were going without her.

As we got to the theatre, there were signs all over the place for Kung Fu Panda 2. Guess what? When she saw those signs, she doesn’t want to watch anything else but that. Plans had change. We paid for the movie, got some popcorn, soda and M&M’s for her. The movie started. She was very happy and excited. Plus, she was enjoying eating candy, soda and popcorn too. After about ten minutes setting on the chair, she wanted to sit on daddy’s lap. The next things I know she was fall asleep. We thought about leaving but the movie was cute and we paid nearly $40.00 dollars just to see it then so we decided to stay.

When we got home, Ashley awoke from her nap and told grandma and uncle all about the movie. Even though she only saw about fifteen minutes of the show she talked as she had seen the whole movie. I can’t wait ‘til it comes out on DVD so we can rent the movie and she can watch the rest of it. This time, we won’t let her sleep through it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Getaway

I always work 40 hours a week. After long hours of working, a little relaxation can surely bring me back to life. So, I’m planning to have fun on my days off. I asked my hubby about it and he suggests, how about going to the lake? Sounds good with me, since, fishing was one of my favorite activities when I was a kid. My three year old daughter Ashley also loves fishing. So last weekend, my family, together with my brother in law and his wife and son, decided to take the boat out and go fishing at Lost Creek lake. It was a very nice day. For a couple hours of fishing, we caught quite a few fish. If I’m not mistaken, we caught nineteen trout fish.

I really enjoyed our family weekend getaway and it was totally a blast especially for the kids.